Delicious Traditional Lahori Food in Lahore

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Delicious and Excellent Lahori Food Restaurant

Did you say spicy and tasteful food a burst of the most amazing flavours of the world in your mouth just simply tell me you are talking about Lahori food. Lahori food is a blend of spices and some mouth-busting flavours from different cities of Pakistan, the cuisine is influenced by various cultures and regions, including the Mughal Empire, Persian Empire, Central Asia, and Kashmir.

People from Lahore are famous for their love of food. The famous foods of Lahore include Lahori Channa, karahi (beef mutton chicken, Sheekh kabak (minced meat rolls), Gol gappy paya and nihari. The reason to mention all these yummy foods is not to lure into the thirst for these amazingly delicious foods but that we at Hotel Oban serve the best Lahori food in Lahore.

We ensure that the authenticity of the food is preserved and add our special ways to it so we can provide you with an amazing food experience. Our innovations to the recipe don’t disrupt the natural aroma and taste of the food but add up to the flavours of it.


Best Food in Lahore


We offer you an amazing breakfast. We not only offer you continental but also the famous breakfast of Lahore you can check the variety of options we have in our breakfast. The famous break from our main courses does have chicken nihari which is a blend of spices and tender meat cooked overnight and on simmered heat which gives it its amazing texture and smooth tender meat.

We also have paratha, sheer maal, bread naan and cereals of all kinds. We have an amazing range of drinks also including tea and coffee definitely but juices too.

Traditional Lahori Food


Our next delicious list of food comes from our lunch menu which includes all type of continental to desi exotics. From spicy to mild we have a range of food from different categories elevating your taste buds on another level. From appetizer like fried chicken sticks soups and salads to main course like pasta burgers sandwiches and many other options to opt from.

We also serve sidelines, juices hot or cold, separate range of dishes for kids and tempting desserts be it shahi kheer to be it lava cake you name it we have serve it.

A Hearty Dinner:

Delight your taste buds with Lahore’s favorite dinner place Hotel Oban. Wea re right now the best dinner place in Lahore as we not give you an amazing food but also provide you a good ambience to make memories and comfort for you. We have a rooftop setup for a beautiful while having dinner so you can star gaze. Look at the city lights and have the most amazing nights of your life with us at hotel Oban. Our dinner consists of one of the most authentic Lahori food menu.

Our team and chefs have worked hard to come up to such an amazing range of dishes representing the Lahori culture and taste. It includes first a range of sidelines you can choose from. Secondly it has the main courses which consists of tandoori range serving naan of all types (rongin garlic etc) sheermaal, lacha paratha and tanndori roti also.


Delicious Desi Food in Lahore

We then have our main course which elevate your taste buds on another level are the foods are considerably spicy but can be customized up to your taste or spice tolerance it includes qourma, karahi, pulao, tawa keema, Lahori channay, tarka daal, kozi haleem and much more in our Pakistani exotics.

From our continental we have a wide variety of food ranges and we also serves different type of local and international level sauces and amazing tempting desserts. We provide you with one of the most amazing live bbq experiences also.

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