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Lahori Barbecue - Rooftop

Appetizers & Salads
Russian Salad
A Combination of selected fruits & veggies coated with light mayo & cream.
Rs 350/-
Chicken Apple & Pineapple Salad
Apple, Pineapple & Cabbage combo with creamy dressing
Rs 350/-
Garden Green Salad
Slices of fresh vegetables served with lemon.
Rs 100/-
Takatak Kachoomer Salad
Fine chopped veggies marinated with lime & spices
Rs 130/-
Crispy fried chicken drumpttes
Juicy shoulders of chicken marinated & deep fried served with special dipping
Rs 400/-
Huwain triangle sandwiches
Open face toasted bread slices topped with chicken, cheese & pineapple chunks
Rs 450/-
Finger Fish
Boneless pegasus fish in strips marinated with mustard, lemon & Spices, crumbled and deep fried, served with home made tartar sauce
Rs 600/-
Mini Chikki Cheesi Burgers
Pair of mini chicken burgers with different kinds of fillings served with fries
Rs 400/-
Lava Fries
Boat of fries with chicken, olives, mushrooms, melted cheese & multiple sauces
Rs 500/-
French Fries
the kids favorite
Rs 200/-


Sweet n Sour Soup
The popular latest version of Hot n Sour Soup served with crackers
Rs 300/-
Hot & Soup Soup
A famous soup served with crackers
Rs 300/-
Bean & Corn Soup
Red Beans & Whole Corns in thick chicken stock & Seasoned, served with crackers
Rs 300/-
Thai Mushroom & Veg Clear Soup
Clear Chicken both with mushrooms, veggies & tender chicken slices served with crackers
Rs 350/-
Cream of Chicken Soup
Blend of Chicken Stock & Cream with Chunks of chicken & Parsly
Rs 350/-
Bar B.Q Platter
Oban Special Platter
(for two persons)
Mutton chops, BBQ fish, chicken Rajastani, Drumsticks, Mutton Kebab, Beef Behari Kebab served with Nan and Mutton Dum-Pukht Rice.
Rs 3000/-
Fish Tikka
Fish marinated in local spices served with mouthwatering chatni and tandoori bread
Rs 1400/-
Chicken Afghani Kebab
Charcoal-grilled Seekh kebab in Afghani style served with homemade Nan bread.
Rs 750/-
Chicken Cheese Botti
Charcoal-grilled boneless chicken marinated in mild spices and cheese served with local chatni, pickles, and bread.
Rs 950/-
Mutton Seekh Kebab
Juicy mutton minced seekh kebab with local chatni, pickles, and bread.
Rs 1400/-
Beef Gola-Kebab
Juicy and full of local flavor Charcoal-grilled beef seekh kebab, served with homemade Nan bread.
Rs 900/-
Handi & Karahi
Chicken Makhni Handi
Boneless chicken cooked in local spices and butter served with naan or roti.
Rs 900/-
Chicken Madrasi Handi
Boneless chicken cooked in curry full of local taste served with mint chatni, naan, and roti.
Rs 900/-
Chicken Karahi
Traditional style chicken, tomatoes, red chili, salt & black pepper
Rs 800/-
Mutton Peshawari Karahi
Mutton cooked in tomatoes, green chili, and aromatic ground spices.
Rs 1400/-
Daal / Vegetable
Chef Special
Rs 450/-
Pakistani Specialties
Lahore Fried Fish
Freshly caught river sole marinated in local traditional spices and shallow fried in mustard oil accompanied with tandoori bread.
Rs 999/-
Mutton Palak
Blend of artistically selected local spices and mutton cooked in dum-pukht style.
Rs 999/-
Chicken Tikka Biryani
Biryani with two cooking methods in our chef’s special way.
Rs 550/-
Mutton Biryani
Traditional mutton biryani accompanied with mint raita and pickles
Rs 1050/-
Mutton Brain Masala
Perfectly cooked mutton brain in the gravy of tomatoes, onion, green chili, and butter.
Rs 999/-
Pasta, Sandwiches & Burgers
Spaghetti Bolognese
Traditional beef ragout in tomatoes and Parmigiano.
Rs 550/-
Penne Alfredo
Penne, chicken, and mushroom tossed in rich creamy Parmesan cheese sauce with full cream and butter.
Rs 900/-
The Original Burger
Classic grilled burger served with tomato, onion, pickles, lettuce, and our special sauce (with or without cheese).
Rs 550/-
Oban Club Sandwich
Three-layer of toast and bread with lettuce, tomato, bacon, grilled chicken, cheese, and eggs.
Rs 700/-
Side Orders
Truffle FriesRs 350/-
Baked PotatoesRs 250/-
Steamed RiceRs 350/-
Sauteed Seasonal VegetablesRs 250/-
Sauteed Creamy Cheesy SpinachRs 350/-
Tempting Desserts
Creme BruleeRs 400/-
Tres-leches CakesRs 630/-
Molten Chocolate Lava CakeRs 400/-
Choice of Ice Cream
Mango, Chocolate, Vanilla
Rs 300/-
Fresh Fruit SaladRs 500/-
Hot Gulab-jaminRs 400/-
Shahi KheerRs 400/-
Seasonal Halwa
Carrot, Winter melon and daal
Rs 400/-
Hot Beverages
Black TeaRs 250/-
Green TeaRs 150/-
CoffeeRs 250/-
Hot ChocolateRs 250/-
Hot MilkRs 150/-
CappuccinoRs 250/-
Refreshing Beverages
Fresh Juices (Seasonal)Rs 250/-
Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Mango, or Strawberry
Rs 350/-
Dextro greenRs 350/-
Pineapple and coconut DelightRs 450/-
Soft Drinks
Cola, Diet Cola, 7up, Diet 7up, Miranda
Rs 150/-
Mineral Water
Rs 80/-
Mineral Water
Rs 150/-
Tandoor Special
Kalonji, Kulca, Roghni Naan, Achari Naan, and Garlic NaanRs 50/-
Assorted Naan BasketRs 250/-
Lachha ParthaRs 50/-
Tandoori RotiRs 30/-
Da Vinchi
Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, and Fresh Mozzarella.
Rs 900/-
Chicken Fajita
Chicken Season with fajita spices, capsicum onion with chili oil.
Rs 800/-
BBQ Charred Chicken
Smoked chargrilled chicken seasoned with typical Lahore BBQ tikka piece.
Rs 800/-
Continental And Asian
Grilled Red-Snapper
Grilled red snapper with a simple garlic and herb olive oil marinade. Served with Tarragon cream sauce and sauteed vegetables.
Rs 1400/-
Fish and Chips
Hand-battered crispy fish, French fried $ tartar sauce.
Rs 1200/-
Chicken Shashlik
Cubes of chicken, onion, capsicum, tomato & pineapple, Pan-fried with tomato concsse, served with white rice.
Rs 999/-
Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken
Breaded chicken roulade stuffed with wilted spinach & feta, Herbed Veloute & mashed potatoes.
Rs 800/-
Grilled Pepper Steak
Grilled beef filler mignon, served with seasonal vegetables, baked potatoes & creamy pepper corn sauce.
Rs 900/-
Fish Tamarind Sauce
Crispy red snappear, tamrind sauce and jasmine rice.
Rs 1200/-
Mongolian Beef
Thin sliced mangolian beef stir fried with vegetables in savory sauce and steamed jasmine rice.
Rs 900/-
Kids Menu
Fish & ChipsRs 600/-
Frank and FriesRs 500/-
Beef Slider/strong> Rs 400/-
Panko Crusted Chicken SticksRs 500/-
SpaghettiRs 300/-
Mac & CheeseRs 600/-
Pizza SquareRs 400/-
Kids Desserts
Honey ToastRs 200/-
Ice creamRs 300/-
Cake SliceRs 200/-
Kids Drinks
Coke FloatRs 300/-
Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Mango and Straberry
Rs 300/-
Shirley TempleRs 300/-
JuicesRs 300/-

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