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Top Hotel For Lunch in Lahore

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a restaurant that has both good food and amazing ambiance, allows security, and is a spot to spend time with friends and family. If you are looking for one such place, Hotel Oban is the one for you.

We are the top lunch spot for family and friends to have an amazing afternoon with us. It has one of the most amazing ambiance a variety on its menu and a very good location for you all. Hotel Oban always puts the needs of its customers first and makes sure they are provided with all the necessities required for satisfaction.

We ensure you not only enjoy the delicious food but also dine in comfort. Our well-appointed tables and comfortable seating ensure your needs for comfort, delicious food, and proper cutlery are all met.

Delicious and Excellent Lahori Food Restaurant

Creating a Relaxing and Inviting Atmosphere

Our ambience has light yellow lights to give that soothing calming environment. We also have a rooftop setup which you can. The rooftop gives a more soothing and dreamier environment while the indoor is calmer. Both have a piece of very modern and cosy furniture and the table is full of cutlery and basic napkins.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

A clean and hygienic environment, including spotless dining areas, restrooms, and kitchen facilities, to ensure the well-being of guests. Sanitizers are also available at hand and the available cutlery is washed and dried off properly to make sure that hygiene is never compromised. The food is also cooked with hygiene.

Friendly and Attentive Staff Making Your Lunch Experience Memorable

the staff is most importantly courteous and friendly and is well trained to handle your queries and requirements. They are very well-trained attend to the customers properly and make them feel welcomed and valued. Also, ensure the well-being of our customers.


Diverse Menu Delights

The menu is diverse and includes a separate menu for kids. It features BBQ, continental dishes, various kinds of pasta, biryanis, all types of desserts, a separate section for tandoor items, and much more. Hotel Oban is the one place where you can find favorites for all members of your family and friends. Nobody is left out, so be sure to visit us when choosing the top lunch spot for your family and friends.

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Ensuring High Standards in Food Preparation and Taste at Hotel Oban

We never compromise on the quality of the food. We ensure you are served the most high-quality food available and there is no compromise on the taste as well. Also, the taste can be customized as per your requirements. All the best quality ingredients are used. So don’t worry about the quality or hygiene of the food as it is placed in our best interests.

Affordable Luxury

With all the provided services we only charge you a reasonable amount. We understand the inflammation rates are high at the moment and value to money is very important as your time and money are both being invested with us so have made it affordable which sets us apart from other restaurants.

Lahori Barbecue Restaurant in Gulberg, Lahore

Convenient Location

We have one of the most convenient locations in the city of Lahore. We are present at the centre of the city of Lahore convenient for all. It is near to most of the entertaining locations of the city of Lahore and you can visit all the places Convenient location with easy access and parking facilities, making it convenient for families and friends to visit without hassle.

Being present at the heart of the city makes us easily accessible to all you won’t have to travel a long distance now to have lunch with your family at reasonable prices and good ambience with security s visit Hotel Oban the top lunch hotel for your friends and family.

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