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Importance of Breakfast

In the realm of culinary experiences breakfasts are one of the most emphasized in the city of Lahore. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It brings the kick start of the day and a good start of the day can bring about a lot of effectiveness. The benefits of breakfast are many like a boost of mood, jump start of the day, balancing the sugar levels, improves concentration and memory supports weight management.

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Hotel Oban’s Commitment to Breakfast

We at Hotel Oban understand the importance of a healthy and happy breakfast in one’s life. So we offer you an amazing breakfast which includes a variety of categories not just basics but from desi to English breakfast everything—so keeping in mind the benefits of breakfast why not make time for a healthy breakfast and why not at one of the best which not only offers you an amazing breakfast but provides you with an amazing flavorful journey of culinary experience?

Choose Hotel Oban, our priority is our customer health and satisfaction and we don’t compromise ever on that.

We ensure you are served a hot and fresh breakfast and catered and serviced well too. Whether you are a health enthusiast or a completely exotic foodie kind of a person we have an amazing menu which caters for all of you including kids adults teens etc.

Menu Highlights

Our menu is very diverse and we cover everybody’s preferences and cater to all of your taste buds. First comes the variety of juices for bringing about a fresh day to start a refreshing morning with a bust of amazing flavours in your mouth and a sugar rush in your blood stream.

Giving you a colourful smile. If you are a cereal lover don’t worry, we have got your back as well we have multiple flavours of cereal of all kinds and different types, be it the choices of kids or adults we have all the options available.

One of the most amazing sections of our menu is our bakery section which elevates and adds up the extra mesmerizing effects to the breakfast the muffins the cinnamon rolls sounds yum enough to water my mouth and make me run to Hotel Oban bare foot.

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For the health-conscious individuals, we present our exquisite salad bar, featuring a range of options from red bean salad to fruit yogurts, catering to your dietary preferences. And for those who crave a traditional English breakfast, fear not, as we offer an extensive selection including pancakes, French toast, red bean curry, and potato hash browns, all prepared with the same culinary finesse that defines us. But wait, there’s more! Let’s not forget the main courses, eagerly anticipated by all. Leading the array is our signature nihari, a dish synonymous with the essence of morning. Alongside nihari, indulge in beef paya, channay, halwa puri, and an array of other delectable options.

To enhance your dining experience, we provide a variety of sauces, perfectly complementing your main courses. Accompanying these delights are an assortment of naans, sheermals, and tortillas, available for separate order according to your preference, accompanied by our flavorful gravies.

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Breakfast Offer Details

Enjoy our extensive breakfast spread for just rupees 999+tax per person, available for 1.5 hours during weekdays (7-11 am) and extended hours on weekends (7-12 pm). Hotel Oban ensures a memorable breakfast experience, distinguished by our affordability, quality, and generous serving timings. Make your mornings extraordinary with us!

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