The Art of Delicious Salad and Chatneys

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Delicious Salad and Chatneys

Hello Hello, diet freak what are you looking for?

Are you looking for good salad options and still not able to find any?

Don’t worry you have come to the right place even if you are not a diet freak and still looking for amazing flavorful sides for your food.

What are salads?

Salads are a simple yet delicious mix of fruits and vegetables with some sort of dressing, and some salads include spices as well. Salads come in all different types of flavors and options. They can be customized to your requirements, whether spicy or less spicy, or excluding one specific vegetable to add some taste. Salads are a blend of different things, and the heart of any salad lies in its mixing. Eating a salad is not only healthy but also making a salad is an enjoyable process that gives you joy. A key to making an amazing salad is always making it fresh and mixing it well so all the flavors blend together to give that one unified taste and a bunch of textures from all different kinds of vegetables. You can turn a simple salad into a culinary masterpiece just by being creative with it.


A close-up view of colorful Lahore salads and chutneys.

What are Chatneys?

While talking about sides and salads, how can we forget something that spices up our dishes? Yes, you guessed it right—we are talking about chutneys. Chutneys are a blend of different flavors turned into sauces that spice up our food. People usually prefer to spread, dip, or use them as a condiment or marinade for their food.

If you are one such foodie who likes to have a good salad but also spices up their food, what are you waiting for? Visit Hotel Oban! We have one of the most amazing ranges of chutneys and salads, in addition to our main courses. We not only focus on our main courses, but our sides are also perfected to delight your taste buds.

Yummy chatneys in Lahore

Let us dive into the amazing range of sauces and salads we have to offer:

1. Russian Salad:

First comes our Russian salad which is a mixture of selected fruits and vegetable which are dressed with mayo and cream to add that creamy goodness. This is for people who like both savory and sweet at the same time. It is not only fresh but creamy giving you an amazing crunch and creaminess from the cream it serves its unique taste and makes the salad different from others. Our chefs have mastered the art of creating the yummiest Russian salad for you. All of this in just 350 rupees isn’t this one the most amazing.

2. Chicken Apple Pineapple Salad

A delightful combination of apple, pineapple, and cabbage tossed in a mixture of creamy dressing to give you that crunch of fruits and to soften the dressing of creamy mixture giving you that softness. This is a must-try for salad lovers as this gives a mix of both sweet and savory flavors. All of this in just 350 rupees.

3. Garden Green Salad

For those who prefer lighter salads and don’t like the cream dressing. We have the lighter version which includes the dressing of lime with a mixture of different vegetables. The best part of this this is just within 100 rupees. isn’t it amazing? So what’s stopping you go grab yours.

Best Chatney and Sauces Thaal in Lahore

4. Taka Tak Kachoomer Salad

This salad is finely chopped vegetables blended with the addition of lime and spices. This salad is a vibrant and zesty addition to your meal, perfect for spice enthusiasts. This one is the burst of flavor’s in your mouth leaving it refreshing all the way. Just in Rupees 130, you can get this tasty and flavorful salad.

5. Chatnies Thaal (Rs. 450)

Indulge in a variety of chatnis like Allo bukhara, Imli, Mango, Podina, Achar, and a selection of raitas served on a tray. This assortment offers a delightful mix of tangy, spicy, and sweet flavors, making it a favorite for those who love to explore different tastes.

6. Zeera Raita (Rs. 120)

Our fresh, creamy yoghurt with cumin seeds, pepper, and salt is the perfect cooling companion to any spicy dish. The Zeera Raita balances flavor’s and adds a soothing touch to your meal.

7. Mint Sauce (Rs. 120)

A refreshing blend of mint, green coriander, and green chili yoghurt. This sauce is ideal for adding a fresh and spicy kick to your dishes, enhancing the overall taste experience.

8. Vegetable Raita (Rs. 150)

Seasonal vegetables mixed with creamy yoghurt, our Vegetable Raita is a favorite recommendation for those who enjoy a healthy yet flavorful side dish.

Each of our salads and chutneys is crafted with care, using the finest ingredients to ensure you have an unforgettable dining experience. Visit us today and explore the vibrant world of flavor’s we have to offer. Whether you’re a fan of creamy dressings, tangy spices, or fresh veggies, there’s something on our menu to satisfy every palate.

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