Lahore's Best Seekh Kabab: A Must-Try!

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best seekh kabab in Lahore

The words refer to anything that is made of mined meat of any type usually shredded meat mixed up with spices or vegetables of any kind. Seekh kebab is considerably famous among the people of Pakistan is loved by most in all the cities of Pakistan.

It’s a slight Mediterranean touch but Pakistani has made a way to give it their touch as all the other dishes. The Seekh kebab is a Turkish dish which was originally known as shish kebab and the story of this goes like In Turkish, the word Shish means a “sword” or skewer, and the word Kebab means “to roast”; so if we think of the literal meaning it sounds like roasting meat on a sword, funny isn’t it?

Live BBQ Station

The kebab is made on skewers once the meat is marinated fully and cooked on the hot coals till perfectly done. This dish is famous all over the country and as its variants mentioned comes from the city of Lahore it has one of the most perfect relationships with food. Lahoris as much as they love to serve their belongs in eating also.

They are major foodies and love good food to their taste buds especially if it is flavorful. If you are Lahori looking for one such restaurant that makes amazing Seekh kebab you are at the right place to look for it. Lahori BBQ is one such lack which offers one of the most amazing BBQ menus in Lahore and is a perfectionist in making all of it.

Enjoy Live Food Experience 24/7: Freshly Cooked Karahis, Kebabs, and Tandoori Bread Await at Lahori BBQ:

Lahori BBQ is the most amazing rooftop restaurant of Hotel Oban. It offers the most amazing view of the city and the food is cooked live in front of you it has a variety of food offerings not just Seekh kebab but loads of other food items. The sky view makes it a soothing experience to eat at the top of the Hotel Oban. We are present at the heart of the city so the view is quite an amazing experience itself while having delicious food served hot and cooked right in Infront of your eyes.

Our live serving of food goes on about 24 7. We ensure it is made 24/7 fresh right in front of our eyes. Depending upon the live order from the menu it includes types of karahis and kebabs. Also, we have a live section of tandoor which includes different types of bread like naan, rogni naan, kulcha, parathas tandoori roti and cheesy naan and much more.

Chicken Tawa Qeema

Breathtaking Rooftop Dining

Our location is preferably the best as we are rooftop. The rooftop set-up allows the food to be cooked live in front of you. You can also enjoy the view of the city as we are present in the center of the city. Also, the sky is there calm and soothes you down. There is a good amount of air so you don’t feel hot. This location being at the centre gives you convenience and it is accessible to all.

Our Courteous Staff Ensure Your Comfort and Satisfaction at Lahori BBQ!

Our staff is courteous. They serve you well and provide you with quality services. All the customers are warmly welcomed. Your comfort is maintained and your requirements are filled at the topmost priority. Be sure to pay a visit to Hotel Oban and enjoy the time with us.

We understand that our guests have busy schedules and limited time, which is why we provide prompt and efficient services. Our staff is always ready to assist you with any requests or inquiries you may have, ensuring that you have a hassle-free experience during your stay.

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