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Delicious Peshawari Karahi in Lahore

The simple mention of food can evoke a spectrum of emotions and sensations in people. The aroma of a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread can transport one to a cosy, happy place. The sight of a beautifully-plated dish can be visually captivating. The love for different flavours can be inexplicable when it comes to taste. Each flavour has its appeal, from the sweet and savoury to the spicy and sour. And of course, the joy of a satiated appetite after indulging in a delicious meal is a feeling that cannot be replicated. Food truly has a way of satisfying both our physical and emotional needs.

From mutton Karachi to spicy biryani we love a good taste as Pakistani. While we are currently searching for good food we would like you to introduce you to one of the most amazing restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you are craving for biryani or mutton karahi we have the most amazing dishes served right at your table warm.

The Spicy Charm of Mutton Peshawari Karahi

While mentioning karahi it reminds us that at Hotel Oban in Lahore, you will find one of the most amazing and delicious Mutton Peshawari karahi as it is one of their specialties’. Mutton Peshawari Karahi is the origin of KPK and is mostly enjoyed in the province of KPK but it soon gained popularity among the whole country and now is enjoyed among all the provinces of Pakistan. Mutton Peshwari Karahi’s name tells its origin you can simply identify that it all started with the city of Peshawar. The use of fresh goat meat is what gives the karahi its unique taste it is a very tempting dish.

Delicious Peshawari Karahi in Lahore

A Promise of Quality

At Hotel Oban, our Mutton Peshawari Karahi is a dish that tantalizes the taste buds. Made with fresh, high-quality goat meat sourced from reputable vendors, this karahi boasts a unique texture – soft, tender, and juicy. The vibrant red color hints at its spicy nature, but fear not! Here at Hotel Oban, we can customize the spice level to your preference.

Aromatic spices like red chili, black pepper, fragrant cloves, and turmeric are expertly blended to create a flavorful base. The star of the dish, however, is undoubtedly the mutton itself, perfectly complemented by the addition of green chilies for an optional kick. Finally, a garnish of fresh mint leaves finishes the karahi with a refreshing touch.

Perfect Pairings: Enjoying Mutton Peshawari Karahi with Naan and More

At Hotel Oban all the best quality of ingredients are used to ensure that you are served a hot meal. It is typically enjoyed with breads like naan rogini naan garlic butter naan and many other options. People usually enjoy it with soft drinks also like to pair it up with a raita and a basic salad of onions and lemons.

Experience the Magic: Mutton Peshawari Karahi on Hotel Oban’s 24/7 Live Menu

Mutton karahi is one of the best sellers and it is also present on 24 7 live menu. Our rooftop ambience allows us to show you our live tandoor cooking right in front of you. Visit Hotel Oban to have an amazing experience of mutton Peshwari karahi in the city of Lahore it is the best and we ensure that you are served hot and best quality the meat is tender and juicy and the gravy is spicy. We live up to your standards and serve you the best. Visit us and you won’t be disappointed.

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