Best Soups for Every Craving at Hotel Oban

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Lahore's Secret Weapon: Best Soups for Every Craving at Hotel Oban.

Soup is one of the oldest liquid-based meals. It is an appetizer that helps build our hunger. Soups are mostly preferred in winter, but they are enjoyable in all seasons. They are considered comfort food all around the world. They provide all the required nutrition, fill your stomach, and give essential warmth to your body. Whether you are seeking a hearty meal to combat winter chills or a light starter for a summer dinner, there’s a soup for every occasion.

There are many different types of soups like broth-based soups, pureed soups, cream soups, and cold soups. There is a soup available for every taste bud. Sometimes, soups can have chunks of meat, vegetables, and even noodles added to them. They are customizable to your taste, and ingredients can be added or eliminated as per your preference.

If you are looking to have soup and you are in the city of Lahore, you have just managed to be at the right place for this craving. We have the best family hotel to serve you the best soups of Lahore at Hotel Oban. At our hotel, we have a variety of soups available, and our chefs have mastered the art of creating delicious soups, adding their special touches to them. The expertise of our chefs makes our soups unique and more authentic than others, giving you a divine culinary experience.

Let us dive into what we have to offer within our soup range.

Best Chicken Soup in Lahore

Discover Our Range of Delectable Soups

1. Sweet and Sour soup: A Perfect Balance of Tanginess and Sweetness

This soup balances a good amount of sourness and sweetness. It is served hot and also is a bit sour as the name already suggests. It is served with fresh fried crackers to enhance the experience. comes within two sizes the small being 300 rupees and the family size if you plan to join in with a family with just 800 rupees.

2. Hot and Sour Soup : Spicy Tanginess with a Desi Twist

Hot and sour is the most iconic Asian soup. It is spicy and served hot to give you that instant tanginess. But don’t get mistaken by the name it is also comforting yet gives you tanginess. It has a Pakistani touch making it more desi than continental. It also has the same price range from a single being 300 rupees to 800 rupees for family serving. Also served with crackers fresh fried.

3. Bean and corn soup: Nutritious and Filling

This is one of the healthy versions of soup giving you enough nutrition and warmth. It is packed with proteins, fibers and minerals. It can be very filling and can also be one of your main meals depending on your cravings. It is a sweet crunchy and earthy blend of flavors given the two vegetables. With the price range being the same 300(single) and 800(family size) served with crackers.

4. Thai mushrooms and Veg Clear Soup: A Delightful Fusion of Flavors

This soup is one of the most delicious of our soup ranges having multiple textures and flavor’s. There are different types of vegetables including mushrooms and chicken. The soup is a clear chicken broth with sliced chicken in it. It is a must to try. Also served with crackers. The price range for this soup is slightly different from a single serving being 350 to a family serving being 950.

5. Cream of Chicken Soup: Rich and Savory Elegance

This soup is very different from all the soups mentioned above. Its broth is made not only using chicken stock but also with added cream, making the texture thicker and richer than other soups. The cream gives it a beige color and a more savory, elegant taste, rather than a tangy, spicy flavor. It is a very comforting dish. It includes chunks of chicken, and a bit of parsley is added to enhance the taste and give it a hint of color. Our chefs make the most delicious cream of chicken soup and are highly skilled in doing so. The taste of this soup is irresistible. With the price range slightly higher than our basic soup, this soup is available for 350 for a single serving and 950 for a family serving.

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