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Best Paye in Gulberg, Lahore

Food is one of the basic parts of hospitality and makes one feel welcome. Many dishes are offered as a sense of invitation for people. Pakistan is one such culture with hospitality at its top and it consists of a mixed culture rather than one particular culture as there are people from many different religions, castes, languages, and races living together. Every culture has unique elements that they add to the culture of food—some food, some dresses, and some traditions. A country of different cultures brings us to different, diverse, and divine mixtures and variations of food. Mentioning culture, we come to the city of Lahore. This city is known for its amazing cultural heritage and diversity of food. If you happen to be a foreigner and want to visit Pakistan, make sure the city of Lahore is on the top. It has many cultural sites and delicious food to offer you, and don’t worry, we have one of the best hotels where you can stay. Yes, we are talking about famliy friendly Hotel Oban.

Exploring Lahore’s Culinary Heritage

When we mention the best, only one name pops up in my mind. Talking of Lahore, how can we not mention the amazing dish ‘paya’? Paya holds a special place in the city of Lahore. It is a dish made of mutton, beef, or camel legs, especially the bone marrow. A stew is prepared out of it and slowly cooked for hours, adding spices and a base made out of onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc. Together, the dish itself gives royalty vibes. It doesn’t need much praise; this dish has been around for years as it was also served as a sign of great hospitality during the Mughal reign.

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Paya as a Breakfast Tradition in Lahore

One of the most distinctive aspects of Paya in Lahore is its role in the city’s breakfast culture. Lahoris are famous for their hearty breakfasts, which often include a variety of rich and flavorful dishes. Among these, Paya stands out for its unique taste and nutritional benefits.

The Aroma of Paya in Lahore’s Morning Air

In the bustling streets of Lahore, especially in areas like Gawalmandi, Fort Road, and the Walled City, Paya is a common sight in the early morning hours. Street vendors and small eateries, known as dhabas, start preparing the dish the night before, allowing it to slow-cook to perfection. By dawn, the aroma of simmering Paya fills the air, attracting locals and visitors alike. It’s not just a meal; it’s a morning ritual that brings people together, fostering a sense of community and shared tradition.

Best Paya in Gulberg, Lahore

Hygienic and Delicious Paya

However, we understand the cultural importance of the hotel. So instead of just relying on dhabas and worrying about hygiene, you can enjoy a fully cooked and deliciously prepared traditional breakfast at Hotel Oban. Experience the essence of Lahore’s culinary heritage in a comfortable and hygienic setting with us.

Paya and Hotel Oban: A Fusion of Culinary Traditions

At Hotel Oban, paya is cooked in the most traditional way to maintain its original taste and authenticity. The hotel’s location makes it convenient for guests to enjoy the most amazing paya of their lives. This filling yet comforting dish provides warmth and can also be enjoyed as a soup, though it is traditionally served with naan or roti.

Expert Chefs and Quality Ingredients

We have specially trained chefs who excel in every dish they cook. We prefer skilled chefs for making paya as it needs to be cooked wholeheartedly and slowly on the stove until all the flavors blend together to form a uniform taste. All the spices are blended together, resulting in a gravy that is both spicy and comforting.

Ensuring Health and Quality at Hotel Oban

While paya does have an unhealthy nutritional con, we at Hotel Oban ensure your health is not compromised. We use the best quality ingredients and oils that offer nutritional benefits to mitigate its one nutritional drawback. The dish is served with a side of salad or raita according to your preference. A half-cut lemon is also provided so you can add a hint of extra flavor if desired. The dish is topped with cilantro or mint to add color and a hint of coolness. Adding a drink and naan makes the meal complete and wholesome.

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A Memorable Experience at Oban

At Hotel Oban, you are guaranteed hygienic, high-quality, and standardized food. So, don’t forget to visit Hotel Oban if you ever want to try paya. We promise to make your experience memorable and unforgettable. RESERVE YOUR TABLE TODAY!!

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