The Tempting Charm of Chicken Tikka

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Best Chicken Tikka in Lahore

Pakistani cuisine is a rich blend of flavours and spices, and tikka is undoubtedly one of the most loved dishes. The joy that BBQ food brings to the people of Pakistan is quite realistic, and Tikka is a popular course that showcases this. Tikka is known to be spicy, and it comes in various variants and flavours, with innovations made to the recipe to give it different tastes.

The Versatility of Tikka in Pakistani Cuisine:

Despite being spicy, tikka can be customized as per your preferences. You can choose to have it spicier or milder, less sour or more sour, depending on your taste.

Perfect Pairings: Raita, Mint Chutney, and More – Enhancing the Tikka Experience: What’s more, it is usually served with yoghurt, specifically Raita, which helps cool down the spiciness, or a green mint chatni, which adds a refreshing flavour to the dish. Additionally, it is usually accompanied by salads and lemon, which complement the flavours of the tikka. Most people prefer to eat tikka with puri parathas, which are a type of fried bread, but you can also have it with naan or chapati, which are other popular bread options.

Best Chicken Tikka in Lahore

The Enthralling Journey of Tikka from Lahore’s Kitchens:

Tikka is made of large pieces of chicken, either chest or thighs, which are marinated with a blend of spices like red chilli, black pepper, white pepper, and more. The marinated chicken is then cooked on coals, which gives it a smoky and aromatic touch. There are various types of tikka that you can try, each with its own unique flavour. For instance, malai tikka is made with a creamier marinade, while Bihari tikka uses slightly different spices. All in all, tikka is a wholesome dish that is loved by many and is a must-try if you want to explore the flavours of Pakistani cuisine.

Hotel Oban Is Your Ultimate Destination for Tikka Bliss in Lahore:

If you are living in the city of Lahore consider yourself lucky as we are about to give you one of the most amazing news. We present you Hotel Oban which is one of the best restaurants in Lahore and makes one of the most amazing dishes of the amazing BBQS of the city tikka is their most popular in demand right now.

Once you try their tikka you will never try it from any other place. They have the best chefs who work hard and put their hearts into making the best tikka possible. They prefer making it the traditional way and maintaining the authenticity of the dish. Whether it is a family night or a friend’s party be it a kitty party or a birthday party our food adds up to the best possible meal and Tikka is the favorites of all in most cases.

The Art of Making Perfect Tikka at Hotel Oban

There are no secrets but authenticity and quality which are never compromised. We do have an original recipe and tend to maintain the original taste while our chefs add their touch to it. The tikkas are mildly spicy but can be customized as per your choice. They are made from the best quality chicken and spices. The best quality colas are used and they are cooked up to perfect tenderness to give you that juicy and succulent texture.

Exploring Variants of Tikka at Hotel Oban, Lahore

Although the original dish is chicken tikka we also have our version of fish tikka and tikka biryani as tikka is now one of the flavors of Pakistan it is incorporated in other dishes like pizza and it’s loved nationwide. We have a variety of tikka options available and different types of tikkas don’t forget to pay a visit and order the best tikka in Lahore town available.

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