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Imagine the meats sizzling on a grill, the rich, smoky aromas wafting through the air, and the taste of perfectly barbecued ribs melting in your mouth. Thinking of it makes my mouth water. Have you ever wondered about the origins of BBQ? This amazing food category, bursting with spices and an attractive aroma, is an abbreviation for the word ‘barbecue‘, which comes from the Taino language of a Caribbean Indian tribe. They used the word ‘barbacoa‘ to describe grilling on a raised wooden platform.

Best BBQ hotel in Gulberg, Lahore

BBQ is celebrated not just for its taste but also for the cooking method over the grill, which imparts a smoky flavor and makes it healthier since it requires minimal oil. The outdoor setup of BBQ turns dining into a fun activity for all. As BBQ has traveled the world, each country has added its own variations and cultural influences to the recipes and cooking methods.

Maintaining the delicate balance of taste without burning the meat on coals is a skill reserved for experts. In Lahore, we at Hotel Oban pride ourselves on being the best family-friendly BBQ hotel, serving top-notch BBQ food. We invite you and your family to embark on an amazing journey of smoky flavors with us, exploring the secrets that define the ultimate barbecue experience.

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Best BBQ Restaurant in Gulberg, Lahore


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